2011 to 2014

USAUNITED STATES OF AMERICA – 2011: I had just turned 21 years old when I left Europe for the first time. Indeed, I had found an internship as assistant manager in a Resort Campground. Certainly, the best time of my life so far, or at least, the most peaceful time I ever had in my life.


CANADA – 2011: while I working in USA, I took the opportunity to travel by bus until Canada to visit a friend and assist to Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj’s shows.


MOROCCO – 2012: I needed to do something before going back to USA. In 5 days, thanks to internet, I prepared this humanitarian trip, it’s been such an eye opener’s experience!

SWITZERLAND: I had a very cold walk within Geneve during ski vacation in the Alpes


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – 2012: I worked again in Maryland before starting my road trip to Latin America from Washington DC


MEXICO – 2012: that is the country where I bought a piece of ground (in the city of the above picture) during my road trip from Washington DC to El Salvador.


GUATEMALA – 2012: I only spent 2 days, but still had the time to see and visit some great places


EL SALVADOR – 2012 I was in the family of my friend ; another amazing life’s lesson – El Salvador


BELIZE – 2012 I was crossing alone the country to catch my flight in Mexico. It had been the most nerve-racking trip since the authorities thought I was here illegally and would put me in jail. SERIOUSLY! Belize?!

CZECH REPCZECH REPUBLIC – 2013 The headquarter of the company I’m working for is Paris is there, so I had the opportunity to visit different places.


CHINA – 2013: I’m visiting a very good french friend of mine, living in China now. While he works very hard, I’m enjoying such a different culture than mine and the south of the country itself.


FRANCE – 2013 & 2014: I’m now living in Paris (bought my appartment in the north of Paris early 2014), but I often go back in the North of France where my family is and I also spend some times in Provence (South-East). I also had vacation at the island of beauty (“île de beauté” in french), Corsica.

AUSTRIAAUSTRIA – 2014 I have been in Saalbach for few days of ski and to enjoy the typical village


ITALY – 2014: I made a road trip from Avignon (France) to Roma


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