1990 to 2010


FRANCE – since 1990: it is the country where I was born.

BELGIUM – since 1990: that country is located 20 minutes from the place I grew up in France, so I went a lot.

GREAT-BRITAIN – 1999: I went by shuttle from Calais with my family, I was 9 years old. I wish to go back as an adult now.


ITALY– 2009: I went for a romantic trip with my first boyfriend I stayed with, for 3 years and half.


SWEDEN – 2010: again with my ex-first boyfriend, we celebrated my 20th birthday’s


SPAIN – 2010: that trip defines the beginning of “Sophie’s adventures”. It is the first country where I traveled alone, I had just turned 20 years old. I stayed 2 months and half, working as an entertainer. One of the best time of my life 😀


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