Oak Alley Plantation – La Vacherie, Louisiana – USA

Aug. 11th, 2012: this walk I had here left me speechless. The previous night, we slept in a motel since it was rainingl. So, I was checking on internet what was around for the next day, and I discover that place! That place that I knew for yeaaars from a book and I loved so much on the pictures, but I did not know it was here, right next to me! So, what a wonderful surprise I had when I saw it on internet, I got so excited to go the next day…


Nous avions dormi dans un motel la nuit précédente étant donné qu’il pleuvait à la Nouvelle-Orléans. En regardant les visites aux alentour sur internet, j’ai découvert cet endroit ! Cet endroit que je connaissais depuis des aaaaannées de part un livre et que j’avais tant aimé sur les photos. Quelle magnifique surprise lorsque j’ai découvert que je n’étais qu’à quelques petits KM :)


Oak Alley Plantation is a historic plantation located on the Mississippi River in the community of Vacherie, Louisiana. It is protected as a National Historic Landmark. It is named after its distinguishing feature, an alley or canopied path created by a double row of live oaks about 800 feet (240 meters) long that was planted in the early 18th century, long before the present house was built. The alley runs between the house and the Mississippi River.

100_5416 100_5417

It’s definitely one of the GREATEST place I visited in my short life!


Voici ce que j’appelle sérieusement BEAUTÉ de la nature !

L’un des plus beaux endroits visité dans ma courte vie !

100_5430 100_5446



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